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Friday, February 10, 2006

Bed Time

What is it about bed time that brings on the water works. I mean, one minute my four year old Patrick and I are laughing, then the mention of bed time brings it to a crying halt. There we were, in mid-wrestle and full giggle when the timer went off,(we set the oven time for just about everything, bath, dinner, name it) and his face went from gleeful smile to contortions of gnome-like quality.

Atlease he is easily distracted with a few well placed questions about how his day went. Then we brush teeth, read a story and have a rock-a-bye (that's the best part) and then it's off the bed. The transition is amazing.

I guess it's just something about bed time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Martyr in Muslim Countries

A priest lost his life in Turkey. This might be linked to the printing in European newspapers of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, which has caused anger in Muslim countries. Earlier Sunday, hundreds of Turks protested in Istanbul against the cartoons.

Keep in prayer missionarieswho are pointing those in Muslim cuntries toward the one true God and his son Jesus. Thier lives are in danger as they live out thier divine purposes. Pray for thier safety and protection. Also pray for those who killed him that they may come to know the Lord Jesus as thier savior