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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saul or David?

A few weeks ago the Mt. Zion Men’s Ministry had an excellent opportunity to welcome Jay Jacobs and Chet Williams Athletic Director and Chaplain at Auburn University. These excellent speakers sacrificed their valuable time to address 220 men from Mt. Zion and the surrounding communities. After a dinner of Bar-B-Q and fellowship, they took the stage to give two of the most applicable testimonies I have ever heard. Like many other men, I heard the Lord speaking through those men and I have thanked God for them and have prayed for their ministries since.
Jay began sharing that when eagles get sick, they soar to the highest perches and let the sun bake them back to health. It is a healing process where they submit and are cleansed. He called men to quit trying to do it all and rely on the Lord to cleanse us and make us whole. Jay also encouraged us to better relationships with other solid Christian men.
He then compared two great rulers; Saul and David. Both anointed of God, but both serving differently. While Saul received the mission from God, he took the call and ran with his own power. He was only as strong as himself and his Army. His reign was short. David, on the other hand, sought after God and kept the communication open. He received guidance and continue to let God interact with him. So, are you a Saul or a David?
Chet, continued with Jay’s message. He talked about the power of one Christian who continued to share with him how much God loved him. This Christian man, his roommate in college, broke down racial barriers to witness to Chet and let him know that God had a plan for him. Finally, on a lonely night, after years of Chet trying to do it his own way, he let God in. On his way to ending his football career and wonderful college opportunity, he visited his friend and subsequently asked Jesus to be his savior.
Both men realize that not only do they need the Lord, but they need strong Christian men to fall back on, encourage, and work for the better good of the kingdom. Christians should not bear the world on their shoulders…that’s God’s business. So, men, are we going to be Sauls or Davids?