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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

She gave all

Luke 21: 1-4

The Pharisees did everything they could to be the center of attention. Working toward Jesus’ demise they insisted on asking questions to get him to say something to get him in trouble with either the occupying force or the people. Jesus provided timely direction to his flock. “Beware of the religious leaders that desire the best dress, highest office and best seats. They are all show and care nothing for their flock.”

To drive his point home, those with Jesus observed the collection of money in temple. The rich people gave of their excess while a poor widow gave of all she had. Jesus could look inter her heart as well as the hearts of the rich and know their motivations. He knew goodness when he saw it and blessed her for it. Those who gave for show must have been more frustrated because they gave so much more money.

Christians give through money, service, visiting the sick and spreading the good news. Jesus is looking into our hearts and evaluating our motivations. In the book of Psalm, David invited God to search his heart and know his motivations. Similarly ask yourself the following question: Are we attending worship services to be part of a social group or are we there to praise God? Do we serve for recognition or because the position is one of great networking opportunity? Do we give money to satisfy guilt or are we giving what God requires out of obedience and worship?